14-day car route through West Coast national parks


Grand Canyon of the Colorado

Of the multiple route possibilities you can plan for your trip along the west coast of the United States, on this occasion I will propose a 14 day route which covers the three icon cities, San FranciscoLas Vegasand The Angels,

In this car route priority is the visit of the three most important National Parks inland.

It is an alternative to route along the coast, as it develops through the interior of this area of U.S.

Golden Gate Suspension Bridge in San Francisco Bay

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  • West Coast Travel Plan

West Coast Travel Plan

Day 1 - Arrival in San Francisco

Getting to the Pacific coast will take time, even if you make a stopover stay at New York, as I did during my trip.

So you have to anticipate that you will suffer some jetlag when you reach the west coast, and it is convenient to have some time to rest.

Days 2 and 3 - Visits in San Francisco

In these two days you will have time to do the Essential visits in San Francisco, and you can also tour the San Francisco Bay with a cruise that includes the visit to Alcatraz Island.

Steep slopes in downtown San Francisco

You must not stop visit the town of Sausalito. They are located on the other side of the bay, where you can go by car or also in a boat.

Of course, it would be advisable to have one more day to complete your tour of the city and its surroundings.

Day 4 - From San Francisco to Yosemite

It's a three and a half hour drive, and when you get to theYosemite National Park you must go to visit the redwood forest of Mariposa Grove and go up to Glacier Point viewpoint where you will have the best views of this national park.

Possibly you will also have time to explore the Yosemite Valley and contemplate its great icon, the great rocky mountain El Capitan.

The Great Captain in Yosemite Park

Day 5 -From Yosemite to Death Valley

On your way to Las Vegas inland from the west coast, you have the opportunity to travel the mountain road of Tioga Road, in the Yosemite National Park.

It will take you less than two hours to reach Lee Vining.

From here, if you are well on time and are very curious, you can head northeast to visit the ghost town of Bodie.

This tour, round trip, and the Bodie's visit, it can take you up to three hours.

Since Lee Vining, the next stage is to reach the Desert Death Valley National Park. To do this you will take the road 395 and after passing Lone Pine, turn left on 190.

In total, it will be five hours of travel, so you may be interested in finding accommodation on the route, before entering the national park.

Budwater salt sea in Death Valley in California


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Day 6 - From Death Valley to Las Vegas

This day you will dedicate to visit the most interesting corners of Death valley, as the place of Badwater and the Rhyolite ghost town, and travel to Las Vegas, a city that is just over three hours from the national park.

In the evening you can take a first walk through Las Vegas Strip and start visiting the spectacular hotels.

Day 7 - Visit of Las Vegas

During this day you complete your Las Vegas visit in which hotels should not be missing Venice and Paris.

You can also go to one of the great Las Vegas outlets to go shopping.

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

Day 8- From Las Vegas to Page

On this day from Las Vegas you will go to Page, in a stage that can take you about five hours of travel.

In this town located next to the Lake Powell you can visit the spectacular panoramic view of Colorado River in Horseshoe Bend.

If you go with time, even between Kanab and Page you can visit the amazingnatural site of The Wave, in Coyote Buttes.

Day 9 - From Antelope Canyon to Monument Valley

The next morning you can visit the natural landscape of Antolope Canyon (it is advisable to do it around 12 noon) and then undertake the route to the Monument Valley, the famous place of western movies.

It's two and a half hours of travel.

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You will have time to visit the Monument Valley and, above all, enjoy the colors of the spectacular sunset.

In this area it is not so easy to find hotels, so to stay you must go to Mexican Hat or toKayenta.

Monument Valley on the west coast of the United States

Day 10 - From Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

The time has come to address the awesome Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

From Monument Valley to the South rim It's almost four hours of travel.

You will enter the Grand Canyon from Cameron, for the east access, and you will have the first panoramic views in Desert View.

Then you will go through the different views of this southern edge, until you reach the area of Bright angel, where there are hotels to stay, or a little further south, to the area of Tusayan

Don't miss the incredible beauty of sunset in the Grand Canyon.

Views of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in anasazi tower of Desert View

Day 11 - From the Grand Canyon, road to Los Angeles

The next morning you can complete your visit to the Grand Canyon (You don't end up being impressed by the panoramic views from their viewpoints), and then embark on the route in the direction of The Angels.

In total it would be eight hours of travel, so it is advisable to move forward to sleep halfway.

On this route you have the opportunity to travel a section of the historic Route 66.

Specifically, do not stop visit Williams, as well asSeligman; later you can visit theghost town of Calico.

Panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles in California

Day 12 - Arrival in Los Angeles

The next day you will arrive atThe Angels. where you can start the tourist visits.

Days 13 and 14 - Los Angeles

These days you can complete yourvisit to Los Angeles, dedicating even one day to enjoy the Universal Studios.

If you want to see coastal landscapes, you can extend your stay in Los Angeles one more day andvisit Santa Barbara and its surroundings.

It is two hours away, and in Santa Barbara you can enjoy its great beach and see the buildings of the old colonial city, such as the Mission Santa Barbara.

You can even get close to one of the wineries of the famous California wine, in Santa Ynez Valley.

In this way you will have completed an excellent trip along the west coast that I announce you will never forget.