This was the visit of Memphis, the city of Elvis and the Grizzlies


Grizzlies advertising in Memphis

In our coast to coast travel in the United States, after finishing the visit of about three hours in Graceland, we go to the center of Memphis, a city that is several kilometers away.

After eating in a Friday's some delicious ribs, well watered by good ones Bud's, we walked for three hours on the city ​​of memphis, which is a little bigger than Nashville.

We had the opportunity to see the outside of the stadium where the players play Memphis Grizzlies and we could see through photos, posters and t-shirts of Marc Gasol, who is an idol of basketball in the city.

Beale Street in Memphis

We also visited the guitar shop Gibson, the very famous brand of electric guitars whose origin and main factory is in Memphis.

Strolling through downtown (city center), we also pass through the famous Beale street, street turned into a pedestrian zone, where a multitude of bars and pubs happen, with live concerts throughout the day and night.

In the central area of Beale street there was a great police deployment. We do not know if it is usual, but there were quite a few police cars parked and two or three dozen police officers in a surveillance position.

Gibson guitar store in Memphis

You should know that, for the mentality of the American citizen, the fact of a police presence on the street, or also in hotels and airports, transmits security and confidence. In Europe I think we consider it the other way around, and we don't just like this show of strength.

Memphis visit

The center of Memphis It extends along the bank of the Mississippi River.

The Main Street It has become a commercial center for pedestrians, with old trolleybuses and horse carriages that become the means of transport in this area.

Near the center is the Peabody Hotel, which has a very original tradition: every day at 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., the Peabody ducks, under the tune of a musical march, make a parade back and forth to the source of the lobby to drink.

Plate dedicated to Peter, Paul and Mary in Memphis

After the American Civil War, many African-Americans were attracted to the growing economy of the Memphis River.

The Beale street, which is located near the southern end of the center, became the center of a vibrant community of business owners and black professionals.

At dusk it was transformed into a famous place due to the shows in many of its rooms and sports centers.

Also next to bridge that crosses the Mississippi there is a large steel pyramid, which was once a sports center where, from 2000 to 2004, they played the grizzlies.

Rock and Soul Museum in Memphis


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The advantage of traveling in the summer season is that it gets dark late and the days are very crowded. After strolling through Beale street, we took the car, our dear Poto, and we cross the Mississippi to Arkansas.

It was emotional for us to go through that great bridge, over that great river that appears in our memory for the various films in which he has been the protagonist, such as the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Hackleberry finn.

In short, an excellent day in Memphis on a very hot and sunny day.

Memphis Photos

Here are more photos of the city of Memphis, on the banks of the Mississippi River.