So are the Guard Changes in the Royal Palace of Madrid


Change of Solemn Guard at the Royal Palace of Madrid

In a Madrid visit, if your dates match the first Wednesday of each month, you have the opportunity to attend a spectacular ceremony held at the Royal Palace.

It is called Solemn Relay of the Royal Guard, which is carried out in the image and likeness of those carried out in other countries, and above all, of the most famous, that of the Buckingham Palace in London.

East Change of the Royal Guard in Madrid It has been held for several years at 12 in the morning once a month every first Wednesday of the month.

Change of Solemn Guard at the Royal Palace of Madrid

Of course, this ceremony does not take place in the months of July, August and September, or if the weather or official acts prevent it.

The event involves more than 400 soldiers and more than 100 horses, in addition to several carts of artillery pieces.

Solemn Relay of Royal Guard

This majestic military act was already celebrated in the Madrid's royal palace when it was the official residence of the kings Alfonso XII and Alfonso XIII.

And I anticipate that it is much more spectacular than the simple one Changing of the GuardIt is held every Wednesday and Saturday.

He Solemn Relay of the Rea Guardl takes place in the large courtyard of the south facade of the Royal Palace, known as the Armory Square.

Change of Solemn Guard at the Royal Palace of Madrid

That's where the access to the Royal Armory, a highly recommended visit in the aforementioned palace.

This ceremony lasts just over an hour and the assistance is free.

To attend it you can access the stands that are installed inside the patio, or see it from the fence that separates it from the Almudena Cathedral.

In this traditional military act you will see parade all the troops dressed in the traditional gala uniform of the Royal Guard, from lancers and halberdiers, to cavalry and artillery units, along with the music band.

The act is basically divided into Two parts.

Change of Solemn Guard at the Royal Palace of Madrid

After the sentry posts were installed, in the first phase of the ceremony, the units of chivalry They make a series of evolutions around the patio, where you can appreciate the great elegance of the horses.

In a second stage, simultaneously the relays of the artillery pieces and the foot sentries are produced.

All this under the sound of military marches, and with a public address explanation of each of the maneuvers.

The ceremony ends with a concert of the Royal Guard Music Band that takes place in the Prince's Gate of the Bailén street.

In sum, a great tourist show, whose defect is that it is only celebrated eight times a year, and «if time allows it«.

Guard Changes Wednesday and Saturday

As I said before, if you do not visit Madrid on a first Wednesday of the month, you also have the alternative of Changing of the Guard that take place every Wednesday and Saturday in the Prince's Gate that gives to the Plaza de Oriente.

TheGuard Changes schedule at Madrid's royal palace Wednesdays and Saturdays are from 11 am to 2 pm, taking place every half hour.

In this ceremony 14 members of the Royal Guard and four horses, carrying out the exchange of positions.

In addition, every 10 minutes you can see two guards on horseback moving around the facade of the Royal Palace.

Keep in mind that mid-June and mid-September is between 10 and 12 noon, and this changing of the guard it is not celebrated on Wednesdays that takes place on solemn relay.

Here you have information on the official Web Over the Changing of the Guard at the Royal Palace of Madrid.

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Changing of the Wednesday Guard at the Royal Palace of Madrid

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